Culture classes

Chinese cannot be taught in isolation from Chinese culture. Therefore, we make the task of familiarising our students with the features and achievements of China our priority.

We also organise additional culture workshops to give participants the opportunity to experience and learn about calligraphy, dance, music, workmanship, the art of traditional cuisine and Chinese etiquette (table manners, and the culture of brewing and drinking tea). Just as in Poland, etiquette is very important in Chinese culture, especially when making business contacts.

Seemingly mundane activities, such as brewing tea or making Chinese dumplings, are a good opportunity to enrich your vocabulary and learn phrases used in Chinese.

Our culture workshops take the form of group meetings, which are organised in the registered office of the Chinese Language Centre or elsewhere. Intercultural classes are conducted in the form of optional lessons in the kindergartens and schools which use our educational offer. They are also an important part of trips or international student exchanges with China.

Below is a list of sample topics of our culture workshops:

Basic knowledge of Chinese literature, music and dance
Chinese calligraphy basics
Chinese tea brewing ritual
Chinese holiday calendar and associated traditions
Good manners in China
Basic information about the history of China from ancient times
The most important monuments of China
Chinese cuisine in theory and practice
Meetings with interesting guests from China

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