About us

We are a Chinese School which offers a wide range of teaching services. We bring together certified Chinese teachers, people passionate about China who are interested in the country, and those who simply come from China. In September 2011 we opened the Chinese Language Centre, a professional Chinese School where we teach kindergarten and school children, students and adults, including representatives of the Polish business sector that cooperate with the Chinese market.

Our courses are tailor-made in order to meet the needs of people at different ages and of various origins. This allows us provide our students with the knowledge they require. Our offer includes courses preparing students for the HSK national Chinese examination (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi).

Aside from Chinese lessons, our teachers also teach classes in kindergartens, and private and public schools in Warsaw. We are experienced in teaching at companies - our client portfolio includes both international corporations and smaller companies operating with Polish capital.

We teach from Chinese coursebooks recommended by the international Confucius Institute.

Our curriculum is versatile. We not only teach grammar, pronunciation and writing, but also present China from an insider’s perspective. We strive to bring the culture and art of this country closer to our students, who are also taught about etiquette and good manners in China. Our classes are equally productive and interesting. We put emphasis on the interaction of speakers and the spontaneous widening of their vocabulary. Students gain practical Chinese speaking and writing skills as well as knowledge about the culture and art of China.

Striving to meet our Clients’ needs, we now offer Polish language courses for foreigners and English language classes. Learn more here.

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